Friday, December 6, 2013

The definition of...

Disappointment is:
  Getting out of the shower dripping wet only to discover there are no bath towels in the bathroom at all. Drying oneself with a used washcloth from the kids bath the day before. Finding a hand towel on the sink only after completing said drying.

Perseverance is:
  Feeding your children again for fifth time. Before eleven a.m. Because it's just possible that they could actually be hungry. And because maybe after this time they'll stop asking, at least until lunchtime.

Delight is:
  When your baby grins at your husband from your arms because you're her favorite. Because you are with her literally all the time. And because you are her sole source of nourishment. But mainly because you are so awesome.

Despair is:
  How you feel when you think about how you ought to be able to keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean, do the laundry, and vacuum the floors at least once a week.

Exhaustion is:
  Nursing your baby who has a cold for 45 minutes because she won't take the passy because her nose is stopped up until she is finally sound asleep, putting her in her bed, laying down in your bed, falling asleep for ten minutes, and awaking to the sound of crying baby. Doing the zombie walk to crib, sucking snot out baby's nose with a bulb syringe while half asleep, then proceeding to nurse baby for another 45 minutes. Repeating for the remainder of the night.

Elation is:
  When your baby sleeps for four hours in a row after two nights of exhaustion, and you sleep the same four hours she does.

Anxiety is:
  Spelling out the word monster for your four year old to put together using plastic letters while doing yoga. Interrupting a relaxing stretch to check order of letters. Finding each letter turned backwards, and the word monster spelled neatly from right to left.

Happiness is:
  When your baby reaches for you for the first time. When your four year old tells you he loves you one hundred million infinity. When your six year old is finally able to read, and understand, an entire sentence. When all your babies finally go to bed and you get to talk to your husband for ten uninterrupted minutes before you go to bed. Because on the off chance that the baby sleeps another four hour stretch, you don't want to waste it staying awake.

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