Friday, January 3, 2014

Activity Matrix

I'm busy. Very busy. And although I don't adhere to a strict schedule, my routine does not offer much free time at the moment for things like scheduled exercise. Rather than sit around and mourn for the lost movement time, I've decided to work towards putting what I do through an activity matrix, using four simple questions.

1. Can I do this activity while walking? Some activities that qualify: talking in person, talking on the phone, holding the baby, working on memorization with the boys.

2. If I can't do this activity walking, can I do this activity standing? Activities that qualify: Computer time, laundry, kitchen activities, reading (Erin).

3. If this activity can't be done walking or standing, can I do this activity sitting on the floor in a variety of postures? Activities that qualify: working on reading with Nathan, reading books to the boys, cuddling the baby, helping the baby practice her newest tricks, breastfeeding (sometimes).

4. If an activity can't be done walking, standing or sitting on the floor, can it be done in the most relaxing way possible to facilitate energy for movement at other times?

I'll be using these questions to try to amp up the movement levels in my everyday life, while still getting (almost) everything else done.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January focal points

I've got a lot of stuff (and people) in my life to manage right now. In fact, there is way more that should be done than possibly can be done at this time. That's why I'm typing this blog one-handed while nursing a baby. Multi-tasking: an unfortunate reality in the life of this busy mom. Instead of doing New Year's Resolutions (which I don't usually do anyways), I've decided to try choosing three areas that need dedicated focus and work on them for a month. Here's my picks for January!

1. I'm trying the GAPS diet with Daniel. He has ongoing issues with severe eczema and food allergies, and I've been wanting to try this diet for a long time. Now is the time! I really hope that this diet will help with Daniel's skin, especially since this is the time of year that is typically his worst. This diet requires lots of cooking (even more than usual), so it's definitely something I need to invest time in.

2. I want to give additional focus and energy to Nathan's homeschool and working on some behavior issues. He's doing well, but I feel like if I give him more time and attention, he'll be able to do even better. He also needs some practice on skills like standing still (which he can hardly do at all right now).

3. I'm planning to continue my quest toward minimalism by decluttering more. I am already an ardent fan of simplifying, and I'd like to streamline even more. Less stuff, more time, more living.