Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, I know...

I have become "that person." You know, the one who starts a blog, posts somewhat regularly for a while, then abandons the blog to pursue other lovers. Sorry folks. That is, if ANY of you are still waiting for me to write something new. Forgive me. I've just been loving on my husband, raising a couple of boys, trying to institute something like daily Bible time, cooking delicious, allergen-free meals (or raiding the refrigerator for allergen-free leftovers), exercising, eating enough to offset the calories I burned exercising (Yes, I'm trying to lose the last five pounds, just like everyone else), very occasionally cleaning something, working on teaching Nathan his letters and sounds, starting my doula business, helping some mamas birth their babies, creating my doula website, stalking other people's blogs, preparing for a wedding (not mine), buying seven eye shadows and eight lipsticks for aforementioned wedding, watching Wipeout with my kids, watching my kids create their own version of Wipeout in our living room, preparing two hundred items for a children's consignment sale, sleeping (did you catch that--SLEEPING!!!!), ordering vitamins, and lotion, and shampoo online, because I like natural products and I really dig online shopping, being my son's allergist, dermatologist, and pediatrician (seriously, I feel like I should have a degree or something!), reading library books, reading books I borrowed from my mom, reading books from my bookshelf to decide whether I would ever want to read them again, reading books to my little boys, reading magazines, trying (futilely) to organize our junk room, ahem, yard sale staging area, loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, handwashing the knives (how do twelve knives get dirty so fast?), trying to dissuade Nathan from tearing hunks of cheese off and eating them while I'm asleep, learning the names of more Braves players than I ever wanted to know (why do they have games every day?), having meltdowns every three days or so when my husband turns on the baseball game again (three for three should not mean we watch three games in three days!), checking out the latest thing Kate's wearing (if you don't know who I'm talking about, you won't be able to relate), deciding she's too tall and too thin to be a good source for fashion ideas for someone who is 5 ft. 3, weighing myself and agonizing that the number hasn't gone down, weighing Daniel and agonizing that the number hasn't gone up, weighing Nathan, and trying to convince him he hasn't "lost 2 pounds" (this happened after we watched the Firm Express informercial, fighting the battle of the toy monster that seeks to engulf our home in chaos, giving up on the battle of the toy monster because clearly he's already won, deciding to fight the battle again after tripping over no less than seven toys while going from the bedroom to the kitchen in the dark, watching the same Veggie Tales movie every day for a month, and a few other things for the past five months or so. Somehow the blog has been at the very bottom of the priority list. But, today, for one brief, shining moment, the blog made it to the top. Perhaps it shall happen again sooner than five months from now. One can hope.

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