Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why the things I hate make me love my husband more

We all have them. Things we have to do--that we hate. But, lucky me, my husband takes on many of my least favorite things, most of the time without me having to beg.

Things like:

Making returns. I really hate making returns. Like, I generally won't buy something unless I'm 100% positive that I won't need to return it. Nonetheless, the occasional item makes it way into my house that needs to be returned, and when that happens, my wonderful husband does it for me.

Calling people on the phone. I don't like to talk on the phone. I always feel like I'm coming across weird. I get really awkward with people I know, and I get really stressed out with people I don't know. Also one of my least favorite things: those voice recognition systems where you have to say your name, your SSN, your address, your phone number, and a hundred other things. It never understands what I'm saying. I just want to talk to a person! Now obviously, I still have to make some phone calls, but I usually get to pass on the really annoying phone calls (like cable service calls). That's when I really feel loved.

Cleaning up really awful garage messes. Like when the trash sat in a pile too long and maggots are crawling around. Yuck. Double Yuck. I'm really, really thankful for my husband who drags out the hose to wash it all away.

Filing taxes. Need I say more?

Figure out anything computer glitch related. I can usually get along pretty well if my machine behaves, but if anything goes wrong, I am totally and permanently thrown off. That's when I call my in-house techie.

Thanks, love! You make my days so much better.

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