Monday, January 24, 2011

You complete me...

I think one of the reasons God gives us spouses is to compensate for gaping holes in our personal abilities. In our five and a half years of marriage, I've seen a few of the ways God has made Stephen able to do things I can't, and me to do things he can't. Here's a few examples:

1. Stephen rips things, I mend them.
I don't know why, but I just don't rip my clothes. I can't remember the last item of clothes I ripped. However, Stephen periodically rips his clothes, sometimes in very odd ways, like the day he managed to rip the middle of the back of his shirt. I then use my sewing skills to make the most unobtrusive repair possible so he can keep wearing it.

2. I have tech-no-clue, Stephen is a tech guru.
I am literally like an old person when it comes to anything computer, touch screen, iPhone, etc. (This blog is the most progressive thing I do, and these days, blogs are the new email.) Any given day you may find me saying something along the lines of "What's with these newfangled contraptions?" or "I don't see anything wrong with version 7.2. Why do we need version 7.3?" I can no longer operate Stephen's phone because it's a touchscreen that I don't even know how to turn on. Anytime I have to call someone on Stephen's phone, he has to dial for me and hand it to me ringing. Stephen, on the other hand, enjoys new technologies, and if he doesn't know what to do with a new one, he soon figures it out. He has an iTouch and a Kindle and would have other techie stuff if we could afford it.

3. Stephen loses things; I find them.
Sometimes he also can't find things he didn't lose. He says it's because he's tall, but I don't understand why he can't see the cheese on the top shelf of the refrigerator. All you have to do is bend over, right? Although maybe I have rubbed off on him a little, because he isn't losing things as much these days. What a relief.

4. I stare at things that are broken; Stephen fixes them.
Like the cabinet door that was hanging by one screw. I'm intimidated by power tools. I like having a man around the house who handles man stuff. What a luxury!

I'm so thankful God made us to complete each other.

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  1. I can relate to #3 as well. We play a game every morning called, "Find Chris's keys/phone/wallet so he can go to work."