Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Shoots

Every Christmas since Nathan was born, I have taken a nice picture for the grandparents as their Christmas present. The first year (just Nathan, who was not yet walking) was not all that difficult. I nestled him in an obliging tree trunk and simply tried to capture every adorable expression. The second year I found myself a bit more challenged with a child capable of walking and running, but at least with one, I could simply follow him around and snap photos every time he looked in my direction. Last year, Nathan was old enough to follow directions (sometimes), and Daniel was not yet mobile, so the main problem was trying to get them smiling at the same time (or at least not crying). Nonetheless, every year I have been able to come up with a cute picture worthy of framing.

This year, photographing my children reached an entirely new level of difficulty. Nathan was mostly very obliging, but Daniel was cranky and wherever I put him, he would immediately get up and walk straight towards me. You photographers out there know that the one place it is impossible to photograph someone (short of an expensive specialized lens) is six inches from your face. That's pretty much the only place Daniel wanted to be and the only place he wasn't crying. I had them dressed in their matching shirts, and really wanted to get a picture before the shirts got dirty. I knew I only had about a thirty minute window (or less). Since Daniel wouldn't sit in the chair I had set up for them, I got a little desperate and as Daniel was running around, started telling Nathan, "Put your head next to Daniel's, now over there, okay, put it next to Daniel's head." Needless to say, there was a lot of crazy running around for several minutes. Finally, Nathan lunged over Daniel and I snapped the picture at just the right moment before Nathan fell over on top of Daniel. Crying ensued. I rushed to the computer to see if I had anything--anything at all! As luck would have it (or perhaps a miracle of God for a poor tired mom), I got this picture.

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