Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Vacation

Day 1:

We plan to leave for the beach as soon as we can get ready, but do not set a departure time. We finally pull out of the driveway at 12:30.

The kids whine a lot, and can only be silenced by copious amounts of sugary snacks.

Five minutes from the condo, Nathan has an accident because he can't hold it. (He told us he had to go five minutes before it happened).

We arrive at the condo and find there is no crib. Apparently, everyone thought someone else called on it.

Stephen calls for a crib and they won't be able to bring one until morning.

Daniel runs around the condo at 3:00 a.m. I try to corral him and get him back to sleep.

Day 2:

Crib does not come first thing in the morning as promised.

Husband stays in sleep coma until after 10:00. Kids whine, disobey, and generally annoy their mother.

Stephen heads to Walmart. He plans to call on the crib if it hasn't arrived by the time he gets back. I sit on the couch, growing increasingly desperate.

Still no crib.

We find out the ball has been dropped again, and a crib was not even on the way. We are told a crib will be here by bedtime.

I have emotional meltdown. I feel like crying, but instead take out frustration on husband and children. (Make them get me a crib, NOW! YOU are not the one who got no sleep last night!)

CRIB ARRIVES!!!! Daniel is so tired that he is almost as thrilled as I am to see it there. He takes a blissful, three-hour nap.

Nathan finally gets to go to the beach for the first time on our trip after dinner.

My tummy is upset because I have been eating too many sweets.

Day 3:

Nathan wakes before eight. I lock bedroom door to keep him from waking up Daniel. Nathan breaks sunglasses trying to pick lock.

I try to remove very full bag from trashcan. Bag busts. I pick up diapers covered in chicken bones coated with oatmeal.

Husband is in sleep coma again.

I relieve frustration on blog, and hope I won't have anything to add to it except what a great time we had for the rest of our family vacation.

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  1. This is totally why I do not go on vacation. Vacation = MORE work for mom! But, despite that fact, I do hope you find some time to have fun and relax before you have to head home. :)