Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Passy Episode

I took the boys for a walk this morning. I wanted to get out and enjoy the cool weather before the weather turned warm, so we left early (for us) at 9:30. We had a lovely walk around our 1.5 mile circle, that is, until about a half mile from home, I realized we were missing the passy that had been in Daniel's mouth when we left. I dug around in Daniel's seat, hoping to find it crammed under one of his legs. No luck. I turned the stroller and walked back a few paces, trying to spot it on the ground. As I needed to go to the bathroom rather urgently, I decided to walk the last half mile to home, relieve myself, get some water for the boys, and walk the circle again to find the rogue passy.

Now, my boys love going for a walk, but they have about a thirty minute tolerance for the stroller, plus Daniel was overdue for his morning nap by the time we started our second circle around the neighborhood. Five minutes in, Daniel was crying. Ten minutes in, screaming. Fifteen minutes in, full-blown meltdown. No sign of the passy.

To distract myself from the natural disaster in the front of my stroller, I listed all the upsides we were enjoying thanks to the lost passy.

1. The seatbelt straps of the double stroller were tested against the full might of a fifteen-month-old's tantrum, and were not found wanting, although he did manage to pop out one side of the removable stroller shade by vigorous flailing.

2. My patience increased. (Lord, don't I have enough patience already?)

3. I had an unplanned double workout today. Thanks to the screaming, I walked faster and my heart pumped rapidly.

The downside: I found the passy about thirty paces back from where I had noticed it missing, and my child screamed all the way home.

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