Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plans change

I wanted a third baby. Really I did. Stephen and I were even talking about it. I thought sometime, maybe in six months, or a year, would be just about the right time to try for a baby. But sometimes, we make our plans, and God laughs and directs our steps where He knew they needed to go all along.

Hello! Third baby, on the way, RIGHT NOW! I was surprised, and a little disgruntled. What about The Plan? I was going to be so prepared. In fact, I had just made a list of all the things I was going to do before we had another baby.

I was going to lose ten pounds, and really get in shape.

I was going to read all of the books we owned, even the boring ones.

I was going to declutter and organize our house.

I was going to finish Nathan's first year of homeschool.

I was going to really work with the boys on a couple of habits/behaviors.

I was going to take a couple of fun weekend trips, leaving the kids behind.

I was going to go on a foreign mission trip.

I was going to eat a really healthy, awesome diet--all the time.

And, most importantly, I was going to pick out a new baby boy name. (I've used my last two.)

I know, the list is a little ambitious, but given a year or so, I was convinced I could cross everything off. Key words: given a year or so. Oh well! Take nothing for granted, especially if your life seems to be proceeding especially smoothly for a couple of months in a row.

Anyways, after I mourned over my list for a couple of days, I recovered, and started making a new list.

Exercise several times a week.

Read pregnancy books, only my favorites, again.

Set up appointment with midwife.

Choose new mattress for crib (preferably organic). (By the way, I had just consigned my old crib mattress not two weeks before we found out. But I guess baby #3 deserves at least a new mattress to sleep on...)

Eat as well as I possibly can, while not throwing up.

Keep kitchen clean, mainly to keep food-related odors from permeating the house. Let other house related messes go.

Keep homeschooling. Preferably complete work before afternoon exhaustion sets in.

Pick boy name! (I'm on the clock now, and I'm worried. I've never been a fast name picker.)

God likes to keep me on my toes, constantly reminded that I am not in control, but that I can trust Him, because He is in control, and because He is good. I know He'll help me do this three kid thing, and I'm thankful I can count on Him. I'm gonna need Him...

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