Friday, April 9, 2010

The lost passy and my hubby the hero

So the past couple of days, Daniel's eczema has been terrible. Like, he's screamed for thirty or more minutes at a time and I've had to physically restrain him from tearing his skin to pieces. Needless to say, this shreds my nerves pretty quickly. Yesterday was pretty rough, and Stephen did not even get home until after I was in bed because he had some school something until late.

Today, when Stephen called during his break to check in on us, he got more than he bargained for--a full ten minutes of me having a nervous breakdown on the phone. I talked about how I didn't think Daniel's eczema would ever get better, I would never sleep again, and I was a horrible mother to Nathan because I had to focus so much attention on Daniel. When I get into this state of mind, only two things seem to help: a long nap or somebody taking both the kids so I can be alone.

Knowing this, Stephen hurried home after school and as soon as I nursed Daniel, took both boys outside for a walk. Forty-five minutes later, I was much saner, and not on the verge of flying into a million pieces, though still in a somewhat fragile, stressed out state. When I went out to reclaim Daniel, he was fussing so I looked for the passy in the stroller. It was not there. I hurried to Daniel's room to get a spare for him.

Daniel has a very close relationship with his passy. He loves his passy almost as much as he loves his mama. I love his passy because he loves it. We have three passies, the exact same design, and I cannot rest unless I know the location of at least one passy. I also have a strong aversion to losing anything. So when the passy showed up missing, I was not happy. After watching me wandering down the driveway and scanning the street for signs of the missing passy, Stephen decided the only way I would move on from this problem was if the passy was found. So he got in the car, and drove away to scan the road for the missing passy.

A few minutes later, he returned, passy in hand. It had been found, dropped on the road, half a mile from our house. I breathed out a long sigh of relief. The passy was found. It had not been run over. Funny the things that make a mommy happy. You would have thought someone had handed me a hundred dollar bill.

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